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TYME to emPower ministry (active 501C3 ministry) serves as an emotional and motivational support team for teenage parents and their families. By motivating and educating the teen parents to be the best parents and students they can be, we are building a strong foundation for the lives of the young parents and their generations that follow.

In addition, TYME provides assistance to teenage parents with their baby's basic needs. If further resources are needed (that we may not have) we will provide contact information of other organizations that might be able to help. In the past TYME has donated: baby clothes, formula. car seats, strollers, and much more thanks to the generous donations from the community...

TYME has been the proud recipient of the Make a Difference Award (awarded by Roy MAAS and Ruths Chris Steak House).

Monica Velasquez McIlwain was awarded the Pillar of Respect 2012-13 award (NISD's highest award).  To help Tyme continue blessing others please donate if you can! Thanks a million!