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The Journey of a Lifetime

TYME to Empower Ministry was founded and established in 2006 by a former teenage parent Monica Velasquez McIlwain.

Monica started her journey of teen parenting in Sept. 1988 (the same year she became a Clark high school senior, San Antonio Texas). In that year she was also enrolled into a teenage parenting program

that was provided by her high school. In that parenting class, she learned the basics of becoming a mother, the importance of nutrition for her and her baby, safety issues, the importance of education, etc. She also learned the harsh reality of becoming a single parent, since she and her son’s (Justin) father did not marry at that time. Although the teenage parenting program provided her with valuable information, she felt the need to connect with other teen parents that had already graduated and had already walked her path that she was now faced with. Even though her senior year was a long and challenging one Monica did graduate from high school on time thanks to loving and supportive family and loyal friends.

As fate would have it she later reunited with and married the father of her son and they had another child at the tender age of 19. By 20 Monica found herself single again but this time she was a mother to a 2 ½-year-old and her 6-month-old daughter (Jackie). It was after the divorce that Monica found herself returning to school but this time as a college/university student. She spent 2 years studying advertising art before she felt the calling of another purpose. She changed her major to mental health which later transferred to Psychology. She elected to major in Psychology (with a minor in theology) in hopes that one day she would be able to assist teenage parents at a whole new level with starting a ministry/non-profit.

It was while she was taking her college course work that she obtained a full-time job and meet her current husband, Randy. They went on to have a child (Steven) and she eagerly continued her educational path. Monica now holds a BA in Psychology (UIWTX), an MA in Business (UOPHX), and is President/Founder of TYME to Empower. Their adult children are now 26, 31, and 34. 

Monica & Randy have also been blessed with amazing grand-kids. 

in addition, Randy & Monica are getting ready to celebrate 27 years of an awesome marriage 

(October 27). They both are grateful for the journey that they have been blessed with. They both are also fully aware and excited that TYME will forever be a part of the rest of their lives.